AccuSteam / Steambox Service Zone Control Valve

The Woollard and Henry zone control valve consists complete out of stainless steel 316L and is equipped with a Nomex/ Kevlar reinforced diaphragm. The FlyFlange quick connection allows to change the valves in seconds without using any special tools.

Demaged nonW&H valves can be replaced by our W&H valve connected with a tailor made adapter. Furthermore we are able to overhaul any zone control valve from other suppliers.

For this we have our 20 years experience and a well equipped stock with OEM spare parts.

We can supply every kind of pressure range 0 - 1.0  ;  0.4 - 2.0 and 0.8 - 4.0 bar for pneum zone control Valves.


Replacement of a irreparable nonW&H zone control valve with a adapter:

Demaged nonW&H zone control valve          Replaced W&H zone control valve




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