Guidelines of data protection

For our company the protection of your personal data has the highest priority. That principle is valid for our website as well as for our conventional services. Therefore we would like to inform you here, how we realize the regulations for data protection in our Internet offers.

1. Data Protection
Principally, most of offers and services on our website are planned for an anonymous use. By your access to our websites are not produced any personal data of your use, there are only saved anonymous data.

Anonymous Data are data which do not allow any conclusion to your person. The evaluation of anonymous data serves for instance for the analysis of user habits in order to create our offer more user-friendly and to adapt it to the wishes and needs of our users (for example: number of site calls, user statistics etc.)

Personal Data are that information, which make possible the identification of a person. To them especially belong: name, date of birth, address and phone number. If you give us your personal data on our web appearance, these data are used only in the scope of your consent and even only for the purpose given at the site (for example: order of services). At any time you have the chance to revoke your given consent.

We do not pass on any personal data to third parties. If personal data have to be collected for the performance of our services (for example: order), these data are immediately deleted after the performed service.

If you call sites and data in the scope of that offer and you are asked to enter personal data, we ask you to consider that data transmission occurs unsecured on the Internet. These data also can be noticed by unauthorized persons, or they can also be manipulated.

2. Handling with E-Mail-addresses
If you send us an E-Mail, we use your E-Mail-address only for the correspondence with you. We take for granted that we do not pass on any address to third parties.

3. Opportunity of information
If our firm has saved data about your person, you can free of charge and on request get information about the data which have been saved about you. Please inform us, if we saved incorrect data about you in order to correct, block or delete them.

4. Cookies
Cookies are small data quantities, which are saved on your computer by the provider of the website. For carrying out of some functions of our web appearance, data are saved in cookies (for example in navigation or during bookmarking of products for the purpose of query).

Temporary cookies are automatically deleted during closing of the browser. They only contain an identification number (Session ID), which allows the server to allocate the succeeding browser queries to the same user. Temporary cookies are used by many servers which do not show any security risk.

Our web offer exclusively uses temporary cookies.

By means of cookies you have the choice of admission. Changes can be made here only in your browser preferences. By the change of your browser preferences (mostly under "Option" or "Preferences" in the browser menu) you have the choice to accept all cookies, to be informed during set-up of a cookie or to reject all cookies. If you decide not to accept our cookies, it can be possible that the functionality on our sites is reduced and some services are not available. Therefore we ask you for your understanding.

5. Coding of data during transmission
Information, which are transmitted on the Internet, are normally uncoded. Because the data way between the server and the local PC can not be exactly predicted, transmitted information can be generally noticed in many places.

Therefore the transmission of sensitive information from the non-public content of our Internet-sites to your PC principally occurs SSL-coded. That's why the access to the non-public contents is only possible, if you confirm the security query of your browser for the use of coded sites with „yes". Afterwards in your browser window appears a small closed lock. In the address bracket "http://" is replaced by https://. That signalizes you that all further site calls occur coded.