Dandy Roll Systems

The Woollard and Henry full Dandy System was designed to complement our Industry leading Dandy Rolls. With their reinforced design, and opposing geodetically wound wire structure, the Woollard and Henry Dandy Roll is the most robust and accurate in its field, and therefore the Woollard and Henry reputation for quality and expertise in this market makes the offer of a full Dandy System a pre requisite.

Manufactured predominantly in Stainless Steel, the full Dandy System ensures that any water spray or droplets thrown from the Roll are caught and removed from the process. The system is constructed to an open design, reducing the likelihood of build-up of Pulp, as well as reducing the possibility of costly breaks on the paper machine, and offers a fully integrated cleaning system. The Upstream Saveall Tray catches and removes the water and fibers thrown, preventing them from being projected upstream,. The Downstream Saveall Tray ensures no water droplets are thrown beyond the wet line, potentially damaging the sheet formation. Components such as the Catch Roll and the Doctor Blades further ensure that all water droplets and fibers are safely and effectively removed. This System proves invaluable in ensuring optimum paper formation.