AccuSteam General  

The  Steamshower is also known in the paperindustry as a Steambox .
In Germany the common name for a steam shower is Dampfblaskasten

There are two main areas of application for AccuSteam Steamshowers

Installation at  the wet end
of a paper machine

The AccuSteam is installed in the wire-section to support
and control the de-watering process of the vacuum boxes

The other option to install an Accusteam is in the press section in front of the first or second press, to support
and control the de-watering process in the press nip

In all cases the steam application by the
AccuSteam raises the web temperature

The effect is that fluid viscosity and surface tension will
be reduced and the dewatering process done by
vacuum box or press nip
is easier and more effective

Mitsubishi Paper AccuSteam Presse


Installation at  the dry end,
calender or converting machines

AccuSteam installed direct in front of a calender Nip
to improve and control the gloss or smootthness

Furthermore the Accusteam can be installed in front of a winder or after a coater unit to raise and control the sheet moisture to control the de-curling
by re-moisturing the sheet

The steam application can be compared
with the "steam iron procedure"


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