AccuSteam Wet End InstallationsWire and Press Section



In the wire and press section, the paper web has an open surface.
The Steam condenses in the paper web.
The condensation process cause a heat and energy transfer
into the paper with an temperature increase of 10 -25 °C



Raising the web temperature lowers
fluid viscosity and surface tension
the dewatering process done by vacuum box
or press nip is easier and more effective

Increasing sheet temperature 10 - 15 °C
will improve sheet dryness by approx. 1 % by
a stock temperature of ≤ 45°C  in front of
the AccuSteam unit

Installations in front of the 1st Press nip will result
in dryness increase of  up to 1.5 - 3%
after the press section

1 % dryness yields a 3 - 5% increase
in production or a comparable     
saving in energy consumption in drying

Improvement of the dewatering process controlled
by zones in CD direction  means moisture profile control

CD moisture 2-sigma improvement up to 50 %

Reducing nip load of the press