AccuSteam Calander InstallationConverting and Printing Machines


The Steam condenses on the surface.
The condensation process cause a heat and energy transfer to the paper
with an temperature increase of 15-25 °C and aa moisture film on the surface occurs
A condensed moisture film stays on the sheet surface, and re-moisturises the surface layer



Improved gloss and smoothness

Reduced two sidedness

a moister and hotter paper sheet  can be better
formed in the calender nip "principle steam iron"

Higher moisture on sheet surface

for re-moisturising and curl control

Smoothness improvement of up to 15-20 %

Gloss improvement of up to 10-15 %

increase of printability

Smoothness, Gloss, Moisture and Curl Control
by zones in CD direction

CD Control Gloss/Smoothnes  2-sigma
improvement up to 50 %

Reducing nip load of the calender

Remoisturising the paper per Position 2-3 %

Curl Control

Surface improvement for coating an
converting process