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Woollard and Henry Ltd.


Woollard and Henry was established over 145 years ago in 1873, and has traded continuously ever since. With a long and illustrious history in the Papermaking Industry, the company name has become synonymous with outstanding quality and reliability in both Manufacturing & Engineering, and it is recognised worldwide that the Woollard and Henry wealth of experience and skill is largely unrivalled.

Our product portfolio ranges from Paper Forming Products, such as Wove
& Laid Dandy Rolls, Expanding & Fixed Cylinder Moulds, Full Dandy Systems, to Watermarking, Security Papers, Under Dandy Vacuum Boxes, complemented by a comprehensive design and consultation service.

Located in a part of Scotland which not only has a backdrop of Paper Manufacturing, but is also the Oil & Gas Capital of Europe, Woollard and Henry have diversified successfully into fabricating Personnel transfer Vessels for the Offshore Energy markets, demonstrating yet again the two words which encapsulate our business philosophy; Tradition & Innovation. We also have a central European office in Frankfurt, spearheaded by our two senior Engineers, and this along with our Bespoke product range and our contemporary work in the fabrication sector led us to winning the Queens Award for International Trade, further testimony to our unwaivering commitment to serving the Customer well.

An employee owned company, our values are underpinned by the dedication and expertise of our proficient workforce, each with a vested interest in ensuring that Woollard and Henry remains at the forefront of our marketplace.

Woollard & Henry Ltd. Tradition and Innovation wherever you need us