AccuSteam Service

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a competent partner,
now also providing a service offering.
Our Service Employees (based also now in Offenbach am Main, Germany)
have between them around 50 years of professional experience.
We have been delivering project planning, construction, producing,
commissioning and maintenance of Steam Shower Boxes 
in a  global market for the past 20 years.

Our Services:

-    Inspection, maintenance of Steam Shower Box any Manufacturer

-    Advice, training and optimization

-    Reconstructions, extensions, re-installation

-    Startup and Supervision

-    Spare parts supply and repair

-    Modification, upgrade of electrical cabinets

-    Technical service and OEM parts for Water Spray Systems

Regulary inspections and maintenance, brings you the following benefits:

1.    Minimize downtime of the system

2.    No quality defects in the product (increase of customer satisfaction)

3.    Increase in production is maintained or is even improved by optimizing the settings and various new components



For more information, please contact our team directly.