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Expanding Cylinder Mould

The Woollard & Henry Expanding Cylinder Mould is the leader in the field of security paper equipment, with the fastest, largest and most accurate expansion range on the market.


Developed in conjunction with experts from the banknote paper industry our Expanding Cylinder Mould Systems are designed and built to exceed the customers’ specifications.



Features and benefits:

  • The only ECM with an expansion range of 220mm over the diameter
  • Grid Plate change time of less than one hour achievable
  • Each Grid Plate up to 70mm expansion
  • The expansion range can be achieved on one central body
  • Accuracies of less than 0.2mm deflection on the diameter
  • Machine direction top fins reducing the paddling effect
  • Custom design to suit your specific machine and needs
  • Outstanding craftsmanship and services.

In addition to designing and manufacturing ECMs, Woollard & Henry also offers other specialist systems to complement our bespoke ECMs in the likes of Vat Inserts, an ECM cleaning bath system, a cover change trolley, and a cover fitting cantilever system.

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