Our People

Woollard & Henry, proud to be employee owned since 2002.

Being an employee owned company means that everyone has a share in the company and benefits from the profits we make. We have an employee elected board of trustees with employee directors, who have a direct say in everything concerning the company. Our values are underpinned by the dedication and expertise of our proficient workforce, each with a vested interest in ensuring that Woollard & Henry remains successful.

As strong supporters of an employee ownership business model, Woollard & Henry are proud to be involved with Scotland for Employee Ownership (SFEO) in promoting employee ownership across Scotland. Additionally we are also a member of the Employee Ownership Association.


Scotland For Employee Ownership

Scotland For Employee Ownership is an initiative of the Scottish government to help promote employee ownerships model across Scottish businesses. In partnership with the public sector and employee owned businesses, SFEO has started an active campaign to strengthen the employee ownership community. For more information go to https://news.gov.scot/news/new-leadership-group-for-employee-ownership.


Employee Ownership Association

The Employee Ownership Association is an independent company devoted to support employee owned businesses. ‘’The EOA is uniquely influential, on behalf of members, with policy makers, the media, Government and a range of other audiences. Our independent campaigning has won us the support of all three main political parties and we have played a key role over the years in shaping the tax and legal environment for employee owned businesses. Most recently our successful campaigning has led to the announcement from HM Treasury of £75m in tax relief to support the growth of employee owned companies’’




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