Deckle Edge Cutter

Designed to prevent stock build up and improve reliability, the Deckle Cutters are a prime example of our strive for innovation in the paper making industry.


The nozzle has an air shroud which prevents stock build up around the nozzle eliminating any drop onto the paper web causing a break.


Can be delivered with different nozzle types, qualities and sizes.


Features and benefits:


  • Nozzles can be supplied in a range of materials from, ruby, sapphire and stainless
  • Nozzles can be supplied in a range of orifice sizes to suit the paper range being produced, and the jet pressure used
  • The air clean deckle cutting system can also be provided with a dual nozzle, to allow two cutting jets from the one unit
  • We supply a standard unit which can be adapted to take existing nozzle types


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