VAT Curtain

Critical control for stock flow and distribution

Vat Curtains are well tried and tested technology, used to improve quality of formation on Vat forming machines, by controlling the stock flow direction in the critical area of the Vat, where the most influence on formation is obtained.


Features and benefits:


Manufactured to suit each machines’ individual requirements, the adjustment mechanism is altered to account for the room available.


  • A backing profile allows for improved flow characteristics
  • The flexible curtain’s position has improved height/ positional adjustment
  • Gives more space to feed window threads and still allows placement of pipes for embedded threads
  • The fine adjustable Vat Curtain is a instrument for the operator to control the length/cross ratio of the fibres and therefore of some important physical properties (double folds)
  • By ensuring that only a minimum amount of the flexible curtain comes in contact with the mould cover, the disadvantages of drag and cover wear are reduced/eliminated
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