Thread Insertion

Thread insertion, 

Thread insertion is one of the most recognised security features used in currency around the world.


Whether driven and un-driven systems our systems have proven themselves as one the best and most reliable systems in the world for thread insertion. 

The simplicity of the design, the clarity of the separate control of the tension, and the accuracy of the introduction of the thread make this system the most reliable in the world.

Papermaking machines can be equipped with an original product of W&H for incorporation of 1 or 2 security threads per banknote and capable of producing paper that meets the highest quality standards.

Features and benefits:

  • Our thread insertion system is designed to run thread widths of between 0.5mm and 6mm, however wider thread widths can be accommodated if required.
  • The system has been used at speeds up to 127m/min on a bank note machine.
  • Thread oscillation
  • Individual thread break alarms.
Thread Insertion

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