Paper Services

Steambox and Spray System Service

Our expert team of experienced service engineers are able to offer on-site repair and maintenance service for any kind of Waterspray or Steambox system. Whether it’s a Woollard & Henry’s AccuShower, Woollard & Henry’s AccuSteam or a third party system, our engineers are available for maintenance, repairs and spare parts supply.



  • Inspection and maintenance of Woollard & Henry’s Steam Boxes and Waterspray Systems from any manufacturer
  • Rebuild, upgrades, re-installation and replacement of older systems
  • Startup and supervision
  • OEM spare parts supply and repair for all systems, including third party systems
  • Modifications and upgrades of electrical cabinets
  • Technical services
  • Advice, training and optimisation


Benefits of regular services


  • Minimise downtime of the paper machine and production
  • No quality problems during the paper making process
  • Increase in production.

Factory and On-site Services

Woollard & Henry’s expert team are able to offer a wide range of on-site maintenance and repair services. We are able to re-cover and repair many types of rolls used on your paper machine. Additionally, we are able to do repairs and maintenance on all Expanding Cylinder Moulds, including third party ones. With over 145 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry you can expect our repair and maintenance services to be delivered to the highest standard and performed by experts with a wealth of experience in the industry

Our services


  • Inspection and maintenance of any type of wire mesh covered roll used in paper production
  • Inspection and maintenance of any type of Expanding Cylinder Mould
  • Re-covering of all Dandy and other types of rolls
  • Repairs of all Dandy and other types of rolls

Benefits of regular services


  • Minimize downtime of the paper machine and production
  • No quality problems during the paper making process
  • Increase in production efficiency


We specialise in the rapid turnaround of bespoke, one-off, ad hoc and short run premium quality prototypes in a wide range of metals and alloys. As these are actually produced in the materials they will eventually be used in and not in some form of ‘modelling’ alternative, they give you a much clearer picture of their properties, tolerances and efficiencies. In addition, CNC machining provides you with prototypes with high quality, exact, smooth and uniform finishes.

With the objective of meeting your needs for quality without compromise, we use the manufacturing industry’s most innovative CAD/CAM programming software and CNC milling machines to successfully produce tight tolerance components, from the small and intricate to those that require a fork lift to aid loading.


Our work encompasses components from prototypes through to batches of more complicated parts, in a variety of materials, including the more challenging variants.


CNC Turning up to 380mm diameter


Our CNC turning team work on demand to meet often challenging machining orders and deadlines, continuously turning out solutions for customers, from the smaller, intricate parts through to larger components of up to 380mm in diameter.
Utilising leading equipment, we deliver consistent accuracy and quality.

wah prototyping service
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