Our Wirecloth Covers can be manufactured and fitted to a wide range of cylinders, Dandy Rolls, forming rolls, drum thickeners, filter screens etc. In fact any cylinder or frame that requires a wiremesh covering.
Wove Covers:
      • Phosphor bronze – used for most applications due to workability and cost. Plain and watermarked rolls
      • Mesh sizes based on the application, furnish or drainage requirements
      • Stainless steel covers used for longevity
      • Single or double covers are in common use, all with invisible seams.



Chain Laid Covers to your specifications in either phosphor bronze or stainless steel. Also Plate Laid Dandy Rolls.



Features and benefits:
      • Bespoke design and manufacturing
      • Leading experts in the field
      • We pride ourselves in our ability to respond quickly to customer’s requirements and holding delivery dates
      • Polished stainless steel covers reducing the throw on grades such as cigarette paper, and phosphor bronze covers used for most applications due to workability cost
      • Offer onsite repair and maintenance services
      • Invisible seaming.
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