Downstream Saveall Tray

Designed to prevent damaging water throw on the paper, the DSST will help you increase production efficiency and quality.

The DSST is primarily used to catch water droplets thrown from the Dandy Roll, preventing quality issues with spots and holes in the paper. As machine speeds increase, the Dandy System is usually one of the last upgrades to be made. A Downstream Saveall Tray will help eliminate the dangerous water projections from a Dandy rotation speed that is higher than recommended.


Features and benefits:


  • Prevents water droplets being thrown beyond the wet line
  • Prevents marking spots or bursts in the paper
  • Manufactured in 316L stainless steel
  • Bespoke to individual performance and role diameter range
  • Driven catch roll
  • Steam heated to eliminate drops
  • Lubricating shower
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