Wading Roll System

Designed to reduce stock streaking, minimize cover damage and improve watermark brightness in your production process. Our Wading Roll System can be tailored to your specific needs to suit your requirements.

Woollard & Henry produce driven and un-driven wading roll systems which can incorporate an internal cleaning system where required. Each system is individually designed to suit your existing vats removing the need for any costly mill rebuilds.




Features and benefits:


  • Availability of driven or un-driven systems
  • Dougsen type wading rolls designed to the VAT
  • Internal and external cleaning options available, ensuring optimal cleanliness of the roll cover
  • An offset drive allowing between 0% up to 60% penetration, giving flexibility to the papermaker
  • Quicklift for emergency situations
  • Adjustable and controllable roll position, adjusted from the tending side
  • Air damping, to minimize cover damage, which helps to extend the life of the mould covers
  • Robust constructed wading roll
  • Retractable roll for ECM changes
  • Reduces stock roll, reducing streaking
  • Brighter watermark. 
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