The Woollard & Henry AccuShower water-spray system is one of our latest innovations, designed by our expert paper engineers to help you improve paper quality and paper making efficiency.


The AccuShower is a reliable Waterspray System for moisture control and remoisturisation during the papermaking process.
We have trial units we can offer so you can see how the AccuShower can help improve your production process.

Features and benefits:

  • Increase in moisture and improved moisture control/ profile
  • Remoisturisation process; controllable range of up to 3,0%
  • Profile control; peak to peak maximum of 0,25% moisture difference
  • Installation position: dryer section, cooling cylinder or in front of calender
  • No water drops or water mist outside the spray system
  • Working width: 0 – 9500mm.
  • Nozzle spacing: 100 mm/double row (off-set) to give 50mm.

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